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Heavy Mental Gypsies (2016)

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"Tony Mecca has a love affair with Rock and Roll music. If you're fortunate enough to catch his band, the Heavy Mental Gypsys live, or to sit down and give a good listen to his latest CD, you will fall in love too. From the opening track, the Mecca-penned "The Farmer," through nearly two dozen songs, Mecca's gravel-voiced authenticity, his emotionally honest lyrics, catchy refrains and rousing choruses, along with the band's effortless rhythms and fun-filled hooks are guaranteed to lift your soul and make you grin.

Lovingly composed and masterfully produced, Heavy Mental Gypsies belongs in any serious music lover's collection. Mecca's music is like the Broad Street Subway: Deep, thunderous, rattling and direct. It's quite a ride. It will get you there." (5 of 5 stars)
Louis Greenstein / Amazon  2/15/16Add text


"Beautiful east coast Romanticism! "HELLO, GOODBYE …" recounts tales of life and love in the blue-collar South Philly, Irish/Italian neighborhood where Mecca has spent his life. “Americana rootsy” w/ lyrics reminiscent of Springsteen or Cohen but with a gritty Philly twist. A wonderful effort - Highly recommended".
(5 of 5 stars) ... James MacMillan / AMAZON REVIEW 10/12/07

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HELLO, GOODBYE & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN is the Everly Brothers, Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp from a blender, poured into melodic Americana via street-level tales of everyboy and everygirl loving, longing, working and watching life play itself out. Genuine innocence - whatever became of it? Mecca and friends turn back the clock keeping it sweet and simple via tunes like "An American Kid," "Annie Walks Through Town," "The Night We Danced" - pretty much any of the 22 tracks offered here. A great slice of Americana!"
(12 of 16 stars) ... John Collinge / Progession Magazine
Lowell, MA 6/20/07
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"I'm going to stop at 'Plain Jane and Average Joe' because I'll write forever. “Just two unknown faces in the book of so and so” – Like just another dreamer dreaming about everyman. I thought Tony Mecca’s new CD was four stars, and I thought his live concert was even better. I have paid good money for bigger names and received far less. As I exclaimed that night – BRAVO!"
Jay Schwietzer - Pine Island, New York 6/2/07