Fractured Poetry Is Coming ... 6/14/20

Pre-order Your copy Now! Release Date July 31, 2020

Through all of our countries trials, tribulations, and dark times, we are finally pleased to announce a realistic release date for our new album. The final post production sessions are being completed in dark studios, under the cover of covert meetings, masks and hand sanitizer. Now, we are so excited for you to hear - what many involved in this project are calling - Tony's magnum opus. But we'll let you be the judge.

. We are also considering a vinyl release of FRACTURED POETRY and HEAVY MENTAL GYPSIES. That'll be a later in the year, and we'll surely let you know. Here is the tentative track sequence:

Annie Helicopter - 6/14/20

We Are All Delayed - 4/8/20

Work, Music, Life & the new album

It goes without saying that our country, and the rest of world, has hit the pause button on all of life's routine, daily activities. In addition, the small pleasures in life that we enjoy, and take for granted, have surrendered to more serious areas of focus. Consequently, the music industry, and all it's creative, production and manufacturing entities have ceased most all operations.

While we are concluding the final stages of production on our new album (FRACTURED POETRY), state sanctions, "stay at home" orders, and shutdown CD manufacturing plants will absolutely delay our release date. We will continue to post songs from our other releases to FACEBOOK and other social media platforms. 

The only advice we can contribute is to refrain from watching the news every minute of the day. Stay safe, and as Freddy says, "keep yourself alive." 

Annie Helicopter 4/3/20

New Album Update - 1/20/20

Completing the Recording Process

The recording process is all but finished, save some drum editing and a bit more mixing.  The goal is an April release date.  We hate saying that because our last project, the remixes of the first two albums, were delayed months because of technical issues. But hey, we said it anyway. So here's what we know. The working title of the new album is FRACTURED POETRY. The songs slated for inclusion are: "Lonely Lisa" - "My Girlfriend Lied" - "Fun House" - "No One Ever Gets What They Want" - "Fall, Fade, Forget" - "Back In Time" - "God, In My Town" and six or seven more. Stay tuned!

Annie Helicopter 1/18/20

New Singles Released!

Terrifying Lies + The Dark Side of Love

From the upcoming 2020 album - FRACTURED POETRY - these new singles are available for download everywhere, including at OUR STORE right here. We think you will really love the dark mood of these songs. And downloading them will help us greatly in funding our new album.

Annie Helicopter 3/12/2018