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How Much Did I Lose

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God, he’s my friend
He whispers that he’s always had a plan for me
But lately I’ve been thinking about the end
And metaphysical choices that are new to me

Christian, Hindu, Judaism, Voodoo
Got my head spinning all around

I got Hoodooed by Feng Shui
I got so confused somewhere on the way
I’m just an ex-altar boy caught-up in an evil ploy
Now I’m trying to get back to Grace.

Do I kneel, or do I stand
Ceremonial procedures I just don’t understand
Is it wrong, or is it right?
These deliberations are what keeps me up every night

Muhammad, Vishnu, Jesus Christ what do I do?
Iconoclast, Maverick, Mutineer, Heretic

I got Hoodooed by Feng Shui
Praise the lord is what you’ll hear most people say
So the devil don’t jump from his hole and put a curse on your soul
Then you’ll never get back to Grace.

I still go to church on Sunday – I listen to the words the preacher say
But my man is so conflicted – It turns her on – I’m addicted

I met the father, I know the son
They both say that the Holy Ghost is still on the run
See, his dilemma, just like me …
… a narrow-minded take on the theology

You blaspheming, superstitious, agnostic, sacrilegious
You’re one exorcism away