What Am I Doing Now?

May 20, 2024 … I AM CURRENTLY:

- Finishing up three new songs. I just need to cut drum tracks and a few minor parts. The songs are: “Hey!” - “I Ain't No Einstein” - “Stop Acting Stupid Punk” (which will be our next single)

- Producing two songs for singer/songwriter, LUCKY CHESTERFIELD

- Preparing to produce and arrange four new songs for SEEMS LIKE TUESDAY … We start tracking next week over at WOMBAT STUDIO

- Preparing FRACTURED POETRY for a vinyl release. Hopefully over the summer

- Remixing the HELLO, GOODBYE & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN album - This has been quite a treat for me, and I think it is sounding wonderful. This will be a digital release only … unless I can be persuaded otherwise. 

- Gearing-up for some new KILLER QUEEN EXPERIENCE shows in June