Hoodooed by Feng Shui (June 2023)

God, he’s my friend, He whispers that he’s always had a plan for me 
But lately I’ve been thinking about the end, And metaphysical choices that are new to me 

Christian, Hindu, Judaism, Voodoo, Got my head spinning all around 

Well I've been Hoodooed by Feng Shui, I got so confused somewhere on the way 
I’m just an ex-altar boy caught-up in an evil ploy, now I’m trying to get back to Grace. 

Do I kneel, or do I stand, ceremonial procedures I just don’t understand 
Is it wrong, or is it right? These deliberations are what keeps me up every night 

Muhammad, Vishnu, Jesus Christ what do I do? Iconoclast, Maverick, Mutineer, Heretic 

Well I've been Hoodooed by Feng Shui, praise the lord is what you’ll hear most people say 
So the devil don’t jump from his hole and put a curse on your soul, then you’ll never get back to Grace. 

I still go to church on Sunday – I listen to the words the preacher say 
But my man is so conflicted – It turns her on – I’m addicted 

I met the father, I know the son, they both say that the Holy Ghost is still on the run 
See, his dilemma, just like me …a narrow-minded take on the theology 

You blaspheming, superstitious, agnostic, sacrilegious, You’re one exorcism away


How Much Did I Lose 

Thinking back down through the years, all the nights spent alone in rooms filled with empty chairs 
Pondering questions burning in my head, I learned to lie to myself, and just accept less instead 
And when I think of all of these things, the dying light of winter, and the first breath of spring 

Darker and darker with only doubt in sight, I dreamed that I saw you last Saturday night 
I held onto your hand and the words I’d never say, Oh how much did I lose when I let your love slip away 

I found love in many different eyes, nights that made history with promise it would never die 
Sidestepped illusion held onto what was near, while line of melting poetry were running down the page like tears 
And when I think of what could have been, curiosity wins over and over again 


Sometimes I sit and I wonder … if I had only used that chance 
but I feel great, yes I’m wonderful, I just can’t erase that dream that takes me back