Angels in a Storm

Tony Mecca Collected Works 79-89

All of Tony's songs with Habits, Mecca and solo taken from live, studio and home demos. Highlighted are live performances by HABITS and TONY MECCA from the iconic Galaxy; HABITS' unreleased TWO WAY RADIO EP and other studio and rehearsal demos; the FEARLESS album by MECCA, including bonus tracks.

There are also many of Tony's never before heard home demos, including a 12 song "low-fi" acoustic album from 1989 that has never been played - for anyone.

Hoodooed By Feng Shui

New single out 6/9/23

God, he’s my friend He whispers that he’s always had a plan for me But lately I’ve been thinking about the end And metaphysical choices that are new to me ... Well, you get the gist, right? This hilarious nugget will have you on the floor! And you know what ... our own devout Irish-Catholic matriarch, Annie Helicopter, has deemed it in good fun and not blasphemy. And that is good.

Tony Mecca

Infectious, insightful & often very funny
musical commentary on "the human drill"
that'll be a little different than what you
normally put into your ears. 

We play … 
Adventurous Singer/Songwriter Rock Music 

We sound like … 
A tag team match pitting ...
Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen & Frank Zappa 
vs Elvis Costello, XTC & John Prine 

Quick Quotes

Gorgeous Songs/Beautiful Poetry  
Tony Mecca's gravel-soul voice really pulls me in. On Fractured Poetry Tony & The Gypsys up their game. The sweet harmonies and sharp arrangements had me bobbing my head from start to finish. Not a wasted note, not one filler track. Mecca is a top-notch songwriter in his prime, his band is simply joyous, and the production quality on this record is outstanding.  Just a gorgeous, well made album that I recommend to anyone who loves thoughtful, poetic, well made rock and roll. 
Louis Greenstein - Popular Philadelphia Writer, Novelist  & Playwright


"There are songs that are aural wallpaper, chewing gum for the ears. Then there are those special songs that become part of your life. It's a rare artist that can capture the universality of human emotions and experiences, and lay them out in a song - Tony Mecca does just that. He reveals the rawness of the city streets and the eloquence of life, and presents it as a symphony of the human experience. Of the many artists I've worked with over the decades, it is Tony's songs that have stayed with me and become the soundtrack of my life." 
Joe McSorley - Renowned Philadelphia Producer/Engineer

 "What keeps me coming back to see Tony Mecca live is his songs.
Tony is a solid songwriter with catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and music that transports you to another place." 
Cyndy Drue - Radio Personality/Event Reporter - Classic Rock WMGK (102.9 FM)


 "HELLO, GOODBYE & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN is the Everly Brothers, Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp from a blender, poured into melodic Americana via street-level tales of everyman and his or her tales of love and longing, work, and watching life play itself out. This is a great slice of Americana!"
John Collinge - Progression Magazine

"Beautiful east coast Romanticism!
Mecca's songs recount tales of life and love in the blue-collar South Philly, Irish/Italian neighborhood where Mecca has spent his life. “Americana rootsy” w/ lyrics reminiscent of Springsteen or Cohen but with a gritty Philly twist. A wonderful effort - Highly recommended" 
James MacMillan -


"I'm going to stop at “Plain Jane and Average Joe” because I'll write forever. “Just two unknown faces in the book of so and so.” Like just another dreamer dreaming about everyman. I thought Tony Mecca's new CD was four stars and I thought his live concert was even better. I have paid good money for bigger names and received far less. As I exclaimed the night I saw his performance – BRAVO!" 
Jay Schweitzer - Pine Island, New York