Thank you to our Philly friends who took a swim across the mighty Delaware to see the Gypsys at Paul's Tavern in Lindenwold last night! Also, to our friends, Seems Like Tuesday, for inviting us to play with them. Means a lot to us! To the folks who witnessed our music for the first time, thank you so much for the wonderful compliments. It melts our hearts. Please join us here to listen to our music on a more regular basis. The set list with the album that the songs appear: I Ain't That Stupid (Heavy Mental Gypsies) The Farmer (Heavy Mental Gypsies) We Always Lie (Hello, Goodbye & Everything in Between) My Girlfriend Lied (Fractured Poetry) Hoodooed By Feng Shui (2023 Single) Suzie Lone Star Hero (Purple Monkeys) Not As Tough (Hello, Goodbye & Everything in Between) Fun House (Fractured Poetry) How Much Did I Lose (2022 Single) Say Goodbye to Judas (Princes of the New Dark Age) Rina - Nights Like These (Angels in a Storm) Witch Jenny (Fun)