Never Say Never No - Memorial Concert For Rick Terway

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EOM Athletic Association, 144 Moore Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19148

Pleased to announce the memorial concert we've been working on in honor of our great friend, Rick Terway. "Never Say No" will be a celebration of Rick's wonderful spirit and tireless efforts to always help his friends. We've assembled many of the bandmates Rick played with over the years. Rick and I were together from 1977 to 1991 in the bands Teaser, Wedge, Habits and Mecca. We were also best friends sharing marriage, child birth and the ups and downs of a rock band vying for a relationship with a record label interested in our music. The Set List:

Laugh Lucy Laugh - The Farmer - We Always Lie - My Girlfriend Lied - Hoodooed By Feng Shui - Suzie Lone Star Hero - Not as Tough - Say Goodbye to Judas - Witch Jenny - Mercy Street - Nights Like These - Hallelujah, I Love Her So