Tony, Stephanie and Angelo will be playing this wonderful private "Living Room" concert that they haven't done for several years. The Setlist:

Laugh, Lucy Laugh (Fun) - The Farmer (Heavy Mental Gypsys) - The Land of Upside Down (Princes of the New Dark Age) - Mary Claire w/ Silver Hair (Purple Monkeys) - Suzie Lone Star Hero (Purple Monkeys) - Who Do You Love/Clapping Song (Cover) - How Much Did I Lose (Unreleased) - Dennis & I (Hello, Goodbye & Everything In Between) - I Am She (Heavy Mental Gypsys) - Say Goodbye To Judas (Princes of the New Dark Age) - Truth Or Fiction (Fractured Poetry) - Witch Jenny? (Fun) - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Hello, Goodbye & Everything In Between) - Fun House (Fractured Poetry) - The Friends of Joey Coyle (Purple Monkeys)