Heavy Mental Gypsies: CD
  • Heavy Mental Gypsies: CD

Heavy Mental Gypsies: CD

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"The long awaited new album from Philly songster Tony Mecca has finally arrived. And just in time to attempt saving our pompous and ego driven society with a cold shot of humility and pure passion. With repeated listens, this new song cycle blossoms into a wondrous and majestic mother tree of revealing introspection, romantic intrigue and further exploration into the joy and tragedy of "The Human Drill." Via tender metaphor (Two Trees & Corridors) and hilarious tongue-in-cheek body-shots (The Farmer & I Ain't That Stupid Anymore), Heavy Mental Gypsies provides further evidence that Mecca is a master storyteller and street philosopher, who also delivers impassioned performances and unrelenting hooks at every turn and stop-light of his beautiful city landscape. Very highly recommended!" (CDBaby)

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