Tony Mecca / Steph Davis / Ang Esposito Live at Van Blunk's

Van Blunk's, 2xx Sigel Street, Philaelphia, PA 19148

Tony, Stephanie and Angelo will be playing this wonderful private "Living Room" concert that they haven't done for several years. The Setlist:

Laugh, Lucy Laugh (Fun) - The Farmer (Heavy Mental Gypsys) - The Land of Upside Down (Princes of the New Dark Age) - Mary Claire w/ Silver Hair (Purple Monkeys) - Suzie Lone Star Hero (Purple Monkeys) - Who Do You Love/Clapping Song (Cover) - How Much Did I Lose (Unreleased) - Dennis & I (Hello, Goodbye & Everything In Between) - I Am She (Heavy Mental Gypsys) - Say Goodbye To Judas (Princes of the New Dark Age) - Truth Or Fiction (Fractured Poetry) - Witch Jenny? (Fun) - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Hello, Goodbye & Everything In Between) - Fun House (Fractured Poetry) - The Friends of Joey Coyle (Purple Monkeys)